Gasoline engine management : systems and components

Gasoline engine management : systems and components / Konrad Reif.

Tác giả: Konrad, Reif [Chủ biên].

Kiểu tài liệu:  SáchTùng thư: Bosch professional automotive information.Xuất bản: Đức: Springer Vieweg, 2015Ấn bản: 1st edition.Mô tả vật lý: 354tr. ; Hình ảnh 25cm.Số ISBN: 9783658039639 .Chủ đề: Diagnosis | Emission control | Gasoline injection HistoryIgnition systems Spark plugsPhân loại DDC: 621.43

The call for environmentally compatible and economical vehicles necessitates immense efforts to develop innovative engine concepts. Technical concepts such as gasoline direct injection helped to save fuel up to 20 % and reduce CO2-emissions. Descriptions of the cylinder-charge control, fuel injection, ignition and catalytic emission-control systems provides comprehensive overview of today´s gasoline engines. This book also describes emission-control systems and explains the diagnostic systems. The publication provides information on engine-management-systems and emission-control regulations.

History of the automobile.- Basics of the gasoline engine.- Fuels.- Cylinder-charge control systems.- Gasoline injection systems over the years.- Fuel supply.- Manifold fuel injection.- Gasoline direct injection.- Operation of gasoline engines on natural gas.- Ignition systems over the years.- Inductive ignition systems.- Ignition coils.- Spark plugs.- Electronic control.- Sensors.- Electronic control unit.- Exhaust emissions.- Catalytic emission control.- Emission control legislation.- Exhaust-gas measuring techniques.- Diagnosis.- Development of the electronic control unit.

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