Giới thiệu học liệu số Ngày 4 tháng 6 năm 2021

[HỌC LIỆU SỐ - Ngày 6/4/2021]
yesTrân trọng giới thiệu với bạn đọc các tài liệu có cả bản giấy và bản số đọc trực tuyến:
1. Accounting For Governmental and Nonprofit Entitiesm / Ray Wilson Earl, Leon Edwards Hay; Susan Convery Kattelus
2. Advanced Theory of Mechanisms and Machines / Kolovesy M.Z., Evgrafov A.N
3. Advanced vehicle dynamics / Reza N.Jazar.
4.Advanced vehicle technology / Heinz Heisler.
5. Advaned batteries : Materials science aspect / Robert A. Huggins
6. Air pollution control engineering / Noel de Nevers
7. All new electronics self-teaching guide / Harry Kybett and Earl Boysen.
8. An introduction to medicinal chemistry / Dr Graham L. Patrick.
9. An introduction to theory and reasoning in nursing / Betty M. Johnson, Pamela B. Webber.
10. Analyzing neural time series data : theory and practice / Mike X. Cohen.
11. Auditing : a risk-based approach / Karla Johnstone, Larry E. Rittenberg & Audrey Gramling.
12. Automation, production systems, and computer-integrated manufacturing / Mikell P. Groover
13. Automobile electrical and electronic system / Tom Denton.
14. Automotive aerodynamics / Joseph Katz, San Diego State University, USA.
15. Automotive Chassis Engineering / David C. Barton, John D. Fieldhouse
16. Automotive fuel and emissions control systems / James D. Halderman.
17. Automotive Mechatronics : Automotive Networking, Driving Stability Systems, Electronics (Bosch Professional Automotive Information) 2015th / Konrad Reif Editor
18. Automotive mechatronics : Operational and practical issues / Volume II B. T. Fijalkowski
19. Automotive mechatronics : Operational and practical issues. Volume 1 / B. T. Fijalkowski
20. Autonomous intelligent vehicles : theory, algorithms, and implementation / Hong Cheng.
21. Autonomous Vehicles for Safer Driving / Ronald K. Jurgen
22. Burns and Grove's the practice of nursing research : appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence / Jennifer Gray, Susan K. Grove, Suzanne Sutherland
23. Chemical engineering design : principles, practice, and economics of plant and process design / Gavin Towler, Ray Sinnott.
24. Combustion engines development : mixture formation, combustion, emissions and simulation / Gunter P. Merker, Christian Schwarz, Rudiger Teichmann, editors.
25. Computational optimization of internal combustion engines / Yu Shi, Hai-Wen Ge, Rolf D. Reitz.
26. Contemporary management / Gareth R. Jones, Jennifer M. George
yes Bạn đọc vui lòng đăng nhập tài khoản thư viện để có thể đọc tài liệu trực tuyến.
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